Peter Prayer

We’ll close ROCKY’S GREATEST HITS WEEK here on GUWG with a prayer probing the profoundly practical principles propounded by Peter:


Help us to remember
that we are strangers
and aliens in this world
and to stay away
from the sinful desires
that war against our souls.

Help us to reach out to you,
to trust you
and to never doubt.
Help us to have bigger faith.

Help us always to be prepared
to give an answer
to everyone who asks about our faith
and to do it gently and respectfully.

Help us to remember that
our time here is incredibly short.
Help us to be alert, clear-minded
and self-controlled and to
pray, pray, pray, pray, pray
and then pray some more.

Above all,
help us to love others deeply.
Help us to live holy, humble lives
overflowing with joy, peace,
kindness, compassion
and forgiveness.

May we grow in the
grace and knowledge
of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
To Him be the glory
both now and forever!



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