God’s Phone Number

After discussing rock band U2’s rather stirring interpretation of Psalm 40 last week, we asked this question:

What secret Bible message did U2 include on the cover of their album All That You Can’t Leave Behind (and what does it mean)?

Here’s the answer: On that album cover, the band was photographed standing in the Charles de Gaulle International Airport in Paris. Above the band in the photograph is a departure gate sign. It originally read “F21-36.” At the last minute, U2’s lead singer Bono had the album artist airbrush it to read “J33-3.”

Why? “It was done like a piece of graffiti,” said Bono. “It’s known as God’s telephone number.” J33-3 refers to Jeremiah 33:3, which reads: “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.”

Want God? Call out to him. He’s available 24/7. No busy signal. No voicemail. No access fees. No hidden charges. You’ll get mind-blowing answers you won’t find anywhere else.



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