Merry Christmas!

merryCHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN 2020 here on GUWG concludes with a selection of prayers from around the world and throughout the ages to help us all keep the focus where it belongs today: JESUS.

May you, your family, your friends and every single human you know have a REALLY REALLY VERY VERY MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Christmas Morning Prayer

Eternal God,

This joyful day is radiant
with the brilliance
of your one true light.
May that light
illuminate our hearts
and shine in our words and deeds.

May the hope, the peace,
the joy, and the love
represented by the birth in Bethlehem
fill our lives
and become part
of all that we say and do.
May we share the divine life
of your son Jesus Christ,
even as he humbled himself
to share our humanity.
Let us be thankful
for the true gift of Christmas:
your Son.
(Author Unknown)

Children’s Prayer

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

We are happy
because today is your special day,
you were born today,
just for us.
We thank you
that you came from heaven
to earth just for us.
Thank you for all you did for us
when you were here with us.

You taught us
how to love each other.
Help us to remember
to be more loving.
You taught us
how to do the right thing.
Remind us that you are with us,
even when we think no one is looking.

We thank you
that you didn’t just stay
a baby in a cradle
but you grew up to be our savior
and died on the cross for our sins.
We thank you
that you didn’t stay dead
but you came alive
and went to heaven,
opening a way
so we can go there too, someday.

Thank you
for all our food
and family and friends.
Thank you
for everyone who helped
make this a great day!
(Author Unknown)

Family Gathering Prayer

Father God,
When your precious Son
came to earth
as a tiny baby born
in a stable in Bethlehem
in poverty and simplicity,
you changed our world.

As we imagine those surroundings,
we join with the shepherds
and the wise men
in wonder and praise.

We thank you
for our material lives,
praise you
for our spiritual lives
and trust in you
for our eternal life.
(Author Unknown)

Prayer Before Opening Gifts

Heavenly Father,
Thank you for giving us
the best Christmas gift ever
when you sent us your Son.
Help us to accept that awesome gift
with joyful hearts.

Help us to know you more and more
each and every day
and to share your light
with those who are lost in darkness.

Holy Spirit,
Fill us to overflowing with
love and  joy and peace
so that we can be more like Jesus.
Help us to spread the good news
of your great gift
throughout the world.
(Author Unknown)

Christmas Dinner Prayer

God of all gifts,
We thank you for the many ways
you have blessed us this day.
We are grateful for each of those
who are gathered around this table.
We ask you to bless us and our food
and to bless those we love
who are not with us today.

In our gratitude and love,
we remember the humble
birth of your Son
and pray for those
who are without enough to eat
and for those
who have no place to live.

We remember the challenging message
of caring and giving
preached by your Son,
and we pray for love
and peace in families
and nations throughout the world.

We give you thanks
for the gift of your Son,
who was born
on the first Christmas Day,
and for your Spirit
who brings our hearts to life
this Christmas Day and forever.
(Author Unknown)

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