It’s ROMANS-O-RAMA here on GUWG, where all week long we’ve been digging into one of the Bible’s most revolutionary books.

Want to live life God’s way? Live a life of love.

How on earth do we do that? Romans 12 gives us a set of explicit instructions straight from the mouth of God. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you live ’em out today:

  • Be devoted to one another in love.
  • Honor one another above yourselves.
  • Share with the Lord’s people who are in need.
  • Practice hospitality.
  • Bless those who persecute you.
  • Rejoice with those who rejoice.
  • Mourn with those who mourn.
  • Live in harmony with one another.
  • Don’t repay anyone evil for evil.
  • Live at peace with everyone.
  • Don’t seek revenge.
  • If your enemy’s hungry, feed him. 
  • If he’s thirsty, give him something to drink.

It concludes with this world-changing statement:

Do not be overcome by evil,
but overcome evil with good.

What would the world be like if we all lived that way? Let’s find out.

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