Would You Rather …

Better is one day in your courts than thousands elsewhere; I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked. (Psalm 84:10)

Is the above true of you?

Would you rather spend one day in God’s house or thousands in the very best place this fallen world has to offer?

Or, put another way:

Would you rather …
(a) hang out with God for a day or
(b) spend 1,000 nights clubbing with your 1,000 favorite celebrities?

Would you rather …
(a) spend a day praying and reading the Bible or
(b) get a free 1,000-year pass to Disney World, the Olympics and the Super Bowl?

Would you rather …
(a) be God’s janitor or
(b) be the CEO of sin?

Lots has been written on the lovely little Psalm quoted above. Here’s how The Message paraphrases it:

One day spent in your house, this beautiful place of worship, beats thousands spent on Greek island beaches. I’d rather scrub floors in the house of my God than be honored as a guest in the palace of sin.

Here’s another take, from David Crowder’s thought-provoking book Praise Habit:

We have not been promised palatial housing, but we have been promised his presence. We often find ourselves in spaces that seem the last spot on earth we would have picked to insert ourselves, engaged in things that we never imagined ourselves having to do, but we can know this comfort: that wherever we are, we are in the very residence of God and this is sweeter and greater than anywhere without Him.

The bottom line?


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