Question of the Week: Evil

We recently started a new feature here on Get Up With God. Send your deepest, thorniest, most mind-boggling Bible questions to and I’ll do my very best to answer ’em in 100 words or less.

Here’s this week’s question . . .

Where does evil come from and why did God allow it in the first place?

I’ll leave this one to the experts.

A large-brained theologian named J.B. Phillips once said: “Evil is inherent in the risky gift of free will.” Added Norman Geisler: “Whereas God created the fact of freedom, humans perform the acts of freedom. God made evil possible; creatures make it actual.”

Without free will, humans would be a like a doll that says “I love you” when you pull its string. As Paul Little said: “There would never be any hot words, never any conflict, never anything said or done that would make you sad. But who would want that? There would never be any love either. Love is voluntary. God could have made us like robots, but we would have ceased to be men. God apparently thought it worth the risk of creating us as we are.”


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