New GUWG App

Want to get up with God on your iPhone or iPod Touch? Now you can with the all-new 100% FREE Get Up With God App, available on the App Store.

Here’s what you get:

  • GUWG daily devos delivered to your device each day;
  • oodles of articles and other resources arranged by topic;
  • the complete Bible, with reading plans and a handy feature that allows you to listen to your favorite passages while you work out, drive around, etc.; and
  • an easy way to share content you like with friends via Twitter, Facebook or email.
Note: While the app isn’t technically an iPad app, you can use it on your iPad and make it fill the screen by hitting the “2X” size button. Enjoy!


  1. Joe says:

    How about a BlackBerry app. I also would love to see one on the BlackBerry PlayBook as well.

    • GUWG says:

      Thanks for the note, Joe. Figured I’d start with the iPhone first, see how that goes and then potentially move to other platforms like the BlackBerry, Android, etc. Appreciate the suggestion!

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