Merry Christmas Eve!

CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN 2020 draws to a close here on GUWG with the true Christmas story, based on multiple eyewitness accounts.

In Part 1, an angel visited Mary. In Part 2, Joseph got an angel visit. In Part 3, it’s finally time for Jesus to be born …

A Pasture? Shepherds?!

It’s CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN 2020 here on GUWG where from now until December 25 we’re preparing our hearts for the arrival of the Savior of the World.

Imagine for a moment that you’re God’s VP of Marketing. You know that he’s about to go down to Earth and you want to make sure that the event generates the requisite amount of media coverage. You plan a massive kick-off gala in the heart of the world’s biggest city and start putting together a guest list featuring all the world’s biggest celebrities, politicians and CEOs.

But God has a different plan. Here it is: