Live Life to the Fullest

I have come that they may have life and have it to the full. (John 10:10)

I’d like to share an amazing essay written by a twelve-year-old girl named Brooke Bronkowski . . .


I’ll live my life to the fullest. I’ll be happy. I’ll brighten up. I will be more joyful than I have ever been. I will be kind to others. I will loosen up. I will tell others about Christ. I will go on adventures and change the world. I will be bold and not change who I really am. I will have no troubles but instead help others with their troubles.

You see, I’ll be one of those people who live to be history makers at a young age. Oh, I’ll have moments, good and bad, but I’ll wipe away the bad and only remember the good. In fact that’s all I remember, just good moments, nothing in between, just living my life to the fullest. I’ll be one of those people who go somewhere with a mission, an awesome plan, a world-changing plan, and nothing will hold me back. I’ll set an example for others, I will pray for direction.

I have my life before me. I will give others the joy I have and God will give me more joy. I will do everything God tells me to do. I will follow the footsteps of God. I will do my best!!!

Brooke didn’t just write these words — she lived them. She started a Bible study with her friends at school and spent all her babysitting money on Bibles to give away to others.

Two years later, when she was just a freshman in high school, Brooke was killed in a car accident while driving to the movies. But that’s not the end of the story. Far from it. In the words of her pastor, Francis Chan:

Nearly fifteen hundred people attended Brooke’s memorial service. People from her public high school read poems she had written about her love for God. Everyone spoke of her example and her joy.

I shared the gospel and invited those who wanted to know Jesus to come up and give their lives to Him. There must have been at least two hundred students on their knees at the front of the church praying for salvation. Ushers gave a Bible to each of them. They were Bibles that Brooke had kept in her garage, hoping to give out to all of her unsaved friends.

In one day, Brooke led more people to the Lord than most ever will.

Life is precious. Don’t waste a second.



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