God and the Super Bowl

As I sat down to write tomorrow’s post, I started thinking (always a dangerous proposition) and found myself asking the following question:   What does God think about the Super Bowl?

The phrase “Super Bowl” doesn’t appear in my Bible concordance, so I turned to the next best thing:  Google.  I did a simple search:  “Super Bowl” + Bible.  In .19 seconds, I had an astounding 1,220,000 results. Here’s a random sampling . . .

  • Click here for an article entitled Jesus Visits the Super Bowl, which features the following pithy quote:  “God, it seems, is everywhere at the Super Bowl:  in the players’ words, in the Bible Mr. Warner carries, in the athlete prayer circles commonplace at NFL games, and on the giant ‘Super Bowl Champion is Jesus’ banner that a retired Tampa pastor has hired a plane to pull across the Florida sky.”
  • Speaking of Mr. Warner, here is a poll that asks the question:  “How many Bible references will Kurt Warner make during the Super Bowl?”
  • Click here for “Sunday School Super Bowl,” a game in which kids answer Bible trivia questions for a chance to get into the eternal endzone.
  • Click here for “Bible Bowl,” an evangelistic outreach featuring more than 200 volunteers descending on the Super Bowl festivities in Tampa.

One of the last things I stumbled across was an article entitled The Super Bowl and Christianity: Dividing Lines, in which the author reels off a batch of interesting Super Bowl facts, including that:  (1) ads cost $2.3 million each — $77,000 per second; (2) members of the winning team get $73,000 (the losers get “only” $38,000); and (3) fans are expected to spend more than $50 million on food alone over Super Bowl weekend.  She then challenges Christians to think deep thoughts while watching the game to see if perhaps we might be guilty of trying to serve two masters — both God and money.

Spoiler alert:



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