Sunday Prayer


we pray for all those in the world
who are suffering from injustice:

for those who are discriminated against
because of their race, color or religion;

for those imprisoned for working 
for the relief of oppression;

for those who are hounded
for speaking the inconvenient truth;

for those tempted to violence
as a cry against overwhelming hardship;

for those deprived of reasonable health and education;

for those suffering from hunger and famine;

for those too weak to help themselves
and who have no one else to help;

for the unemployed who cry out for work
but do not find it.

We pray for anyone of our acquaintance
who is personally affected by injustice.

Forgive us, Lord, if we unwittingly share
in the conditions or in a system
that perpetuates injustice.


(Mother Teresa)


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