God’s First Question

The Bible is packed with intriguing questions, many of them from God himself.

What was God’s first question? It came right after Satan’s first question (discussed here yesterday) and man’s first sin. Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, realized they were naked and then tried to hide from God.

What did God do in response? He asked a simple question:

Where are you?

What if God asked you that question right now? How would you respond? Are you following Him? Or are you stumbling around on your own? Is God enough for you? Or do you long for forbidden fruit? Are you at peace? Or are you ashamed of something you’ve done? Are you open and honest with God? Or is there something you’re trying to hide?

God already knows all of our deepest, darkest thoughts and all of our ugliest, nastiest actions. But He still loves us more than we could ever imagine.

Turn from your sin. Run back to God. Never leave His side.

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